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Ranking Disney: #21 – Mulan (1998)

Mulan is another one of those films a lot of people grew up with that I just didn’t. I didn’t see it until very recently. Very, to the point where I’d actually started writing up the list before I saw it, and I had set it in the area above #30, hoping I’d like it enough for it to warrant inclusion there.

I shouldn’t have been worried. The film is amazing. This is easily my favorite of the post-Pocahontas Renaissance films that I hadn’t seen. It has just about everything. Sure — you can see them veering into that stuff they do nowadays that I hate (like that dance scene at the very end — what the fuck is that?), but they make up for it with amazing animation (that avalanche sequence is breathtaking).

I thought this film was going to end up around #26 or #25 — but I really liked this one. To the point where I almost feel bad I never got to see it when I was younger. Oh well. At least I have it now.


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