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Pic of the Day Update

I can’t resist these theme months. Especially in September. Actually, last September was when I started doing them originally.

Anyway, we just got done with the Disney/Animated movie theme months. Now onto the next set of theme months. Here’s what I thought up:

September is gonna be Musicals month. Every Pic of the Day is gonna be a scene from a film that is set to song. I might fudge a Pic or two if the scene with the song isn’t visually interesting (or, in tomorrow’s case — well, you’ll see. It’ll all make perfect sense, every one of them). But for the most part, every picture will be a song from the film performed by the characters. That’s the caveat — the song has to be performed by the characters. So stuff like Bond songs or credit songs are out. (Specifically the former. Just because — well, you’ll see.) So that’s September. Thirty of my favorite musicals/important musical moments in film. It’s gonna be a lot of fun.

Then October — since I did one of my favorite genres in September, I figured I might as well do the other one as well — is gonna be Westerns month. All the Pics of the Day will be from Westerns. It’s going to be a lot of fun. Musicals and Westerns are easily my favorite two genres. So these two months are like heaven for me.

Oh, but don’t worry, we’re not done there. (more…)

Ranking Disney: #14 – Peter Pan (1953)

I had a real tough time with this film, because, on the one hand — I fucking love this movie. Peter Pan is about all that is great and wonderful with childhood. Plus, it’s a Disney classic, and an amazing film. On the other hand — there’s a lot in it that I don’t like. Those Indians, for example. And the fact that Peter is really a giant dick. So I knew this was going high, based on it being what it is and on the parts that I do like (specifically the idea of Wendy not wanting to grow up and Tinkerbell… more on her later), but I wasn’t sure how much the parts I didn’t care for would weigh it down.

I’m still not sure I made the exact right choice here. When ranking it, I had no problem sticking it here, but the more I think about the stuff I love about this film, the more I feel I should have ranked it a little higher. But, why quibble about one or two spots? Plus, when you see what the next two films are — they’re all pretty interchangeable at this level. As long as we can agree this is a top 15 film, that’s most of the battle anyway.


Pic of the Day: “Where, my most adored queen, where did you send her?” “To a place where thereare no ‘happily ever afters.'”

The Box Office Report – August 31-September 2

Last week, in Box Office…

Man, did that weekend suck.

The Expendables 2 wins the weekend (I hate that sequels don’t use Roman numerals anymore. It just reminds me of how dumb society has gotten) after dropping more than 50% to $13.4 million. They’ve made $50 million after two weekends with this, off a $100 million budget. Doesn’t look they’re gonna make that back domestically. And I saw the film. Meh. They’ll make it back internationally.

The Bourne Legacyin its third weekend, makes $9.3 million. They’re up to $85 million off a $125 million budget. I do not feel bad about this.

ParaNorman held well in its second weekend. $8.6 million. Though they’ve only made $28 million here, which is a shame, since I heard they spent around $80 million to make this. It seems too good, craft-wise, to have only made such a little amount. (more…)