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2012 Oscars Update: New Rules!

Lieutenant Dan —

You got new rules. New rules!

I had to post this as soon as I found out, because it just makes me too goddamn happy not to.

AMPAS has approved additional rules for the 85th Academy Awards (aka, the ones in February). The big rule change is that the Best Original Song category will now definitely have five nominees. No matter what.

And no more of that 8.25 crap either. The way it will work now is — the Music Branch gets a list of all the songs submitted to the category, as well as a DVD of all the song clips. And they watch the clips and vote for up to five songs in the order of their preference (just like Best Picture). The five songs with the most votes will be the songs that end up on the ballot. Isn’t that fucking awesome? It’s about goddamn time they did that.

Oh, and they also changed the name of Best Art Direction to Best Production Design, which makes it sound (at least at first glance), to me, less cool, but is a much more appropriate title that accurately describes what that category is all about. Now I think even a layman could understand what they mean by the award when they hear “Best Production Design.” So that’s good.

One less thing.

Ranking Disney: #15 – Bambi (1942)

This has to be the simplest of all Disney plots. Even more so than Dumbo. If you think about it — there’s really nothing here in terms of story you can point out except the one moment everybody remembers from this. Outside of that, it’s just — life in the forest.

It’s gorgeous, of course, and this is some of Disney’s best animation ever, but in terms of story, there’s really not anything here. But even so, it’s Bambi and you’d be an idiot if you didn’t consider this a top 15 of all time for them.


Pic of the Day: “Thanks guys, you got a lot of… a lot of… well, whatever it is, you got a lot of it.”