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Ranking Disney: #28 – Tarzan (1999)

Like most Disney movies post-Pocahontas, I didn’t see this film around the time when it came out. I didn’t see it until very recently. (The only Disney movies between Pocahontas and Bolt that I didn’t see for the first time within the past two months are Hunchback, Fantasia 2000, Emperor’s New Groove, and very, very few parts of Lilo & Stitch.) And I didn’t know what I’d make of it. I’m not the biggest fan of the Tarzan story. Most movies end up being the same for me. They have their fascinating aspects, but there’s only one way to skin that cat, you know?

But I figured I’d enjoy it enough to put it in this area, and from the start I assumed it would be in the 26-30 area. And when I watched it — it didn’t disappoint. I actually watched this one twice. The first time I saw it, I thought it was pretty good, but since I wasn’t totally invested in the story, I thought I might drop it to #31 or #32. But the second time I watched it, I realized how much I really liked certain aspects of it, particularly how they develop Tarzan and Jane’s relationship (aside from those goddamn montages they love doing these days), and how gorgeous the animation is.

Plus, who doesn’t love Phil Collins?


Pic of the Day: “You were right about her, Mittens. She uh, well… it wasn’t real.” “No, Bolt, it is real. I was in there just now. I saw her face after you left. She’s brokenhearted. She doesn’t want just any dog. She loves you. She’s your person, Bolt, and you are her dog.”