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Ranking Disney: #16 – The Sword in the Stone (1963)

I love The Sword in the Stone so much. And I can’t really explain why fully. Every time I try to explain why this film is amazing, I can’t put it into words, and I usually end with, “Just — look at it. Watch it. It just is.”

There’s something about this film that makes it not feel like a Disney movie and yet it definitely is a Disney movie. I think that’s why I love it so much. You watch this, and it feels so slowly paced, and not really about anything in particular. The climactic moment at the end is sort of a — oh, yeah, we stumbled upon this, but don’t worry, great things will happen from it. I love that it doesn’t deal with any of the actual, you know, “important” parts of this story. It’s so —

Honestly — just look at it. Watch it. You’ll see why it belongs here.


Pic of the Day: “To-to-ro? You’re Totoro! I bet you’re Totoro.”

Ranking Disney: #17 – Pocahontas (1995)

I liked Pocahontas a lot when I was younger. Then I forgot about it for years, as I went through my 14-21 years and ignored Disney altogether. And when it came time to make this list, I hadn’t watched it in years, and I thought it was gonna end up lower. I thought mid-20s was where this would end up, maybe #23 or #22 at the highest. But you know what — it belongs here.

It belongs here because it’s a classic story, the animation is gorgeous, and the songs are among Disney’s very best (“Colors of the Wind” is a top five for all time for them). There’s nothing bad about this movie. Even the story pretty much works. It’s a bit light on some character development here or there, but overall, it really works. You’d be crazy if you didn’t consider this a top 20 Disney movie of all time.


Pic of the Day: “Since when do you need a pedigree to help someone?”

Ranking Disney: #18 – Tangled (2010)

I love Tangled. So much. I was practically giddy when I saw this. This movie does almost everything right. All my quibbles about it are minor (songs aren’t that good compared to the “Classic” Disney stuff, CG and not hand-drawn, still has a few annoying modern animated movie traits), and even so — it barely fits into the category of quibble-worthy for all of that stuff.

The movie itself is gorgeous, it’s funny as hell, always entertaining, and in all conjures up some of the best Disney moments they’ve done since their Renaissance. If they can put out something like this every year or other year — they’re doing all right by themselves.

Plus, it’s not even racist! I don’t think I spotted one really racist thing in this movie. Which is just a huge step for them. (Though again, with the CG. It’s just not you, Disney.)


Pic of the Day: ♫ “If we listen to each other’s heart / We’ll find were never too far apart / And maybe love is the reason why / For the first time ever, we’re seeing it eye to eye.” ♫

2012: The Movie Year in Reviews (May-August)

Here is my next batch of reviews for 2012, this time counting all the films I saw between May and August. Most of them are all the films released during that time, and the rest are ones from the first third of the year that I never got around to seeing or couldn’t see before the first article went up. As you’ll notice — I’ve seen pretty much everything, as I always do.

As you should know by now, the reason I do this is to write down what I thought about all of the films of 2012 while they’re still fresh in my mind, and so I can juxtapose those thoughts with what I end up thinking about them come December, after I’ve had time to reflect, and either warm to a film or cool on it considerably. No movie deserves a singular “review.” I like to give them as many days in court as I can.

So — before we get into everything, let’s link to all the 2012 reviews from January through April, and then, as always, since I am fiercely loyal to these articles, link to the Wikipedia 2012 in film article. The latter, of course, is what I consider the most useful resource for finding out what is coming out each year (aside from this blog, of course, since I previewedshitload of films in January, and would guess that I’ve covered about 90% of everything that will come out this year). (more…)