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Oscars 2012 Update: DGA Awards

Ben Affleck won the DGA Award for Argo.

It’s now going to be 7 times.

(That is, seven times that the DGA and the Oscars have differed. Ever. And now everyone’s gonna be wondering what the directors branch did with their Oscar nominations this year. This is fun. Best Director at the Oscars is officially meaningless this year.)

The Oscar Quest: The Weakest Best Picture Nominees

It’s been a while since I checked in with an Oscar Quest article.

Pretty much everything at this point that I do regarding Oscar nominees that’s not for the year at hand is gonna be labeled an Oscar Quest article.

I thought a few months ago, as I was thinking about what the potential Best Picture nominees were gonna be for this year and what I’d consider to be a weak choice or a strong choice — and then I thought, “Well what actually are the weak Best Picture nominees of all time?” I never actually sat down and figured out what I thought were weak nominees. It’s difficult figuring out what constitutes a weak nominee. A lot of it is subjective. But I think I was pretty good about parsing what I consider to be a weak nominee and what’s actually held up as a weak nominee.

I’m not gonna go by how many nominations they got or what other awards they won, because that’s not what constitutes a weak nominee. I’m gonna go by how they’ve held up over the years, how many people actually still watch these movies, and how many people actually think they were worth a nomination for Best Picture. I’m sure a few will be contentious (not that I care, so don’t bother telling me your disagreements), but I think, for the most part — a lot of these are ones that clearly don’t hold up as well as other nominees.

So here are my choices for the weakest Best Picture nominees of all time: (more…)


Pic of the Day: “Does your wife really want you to play this part?” “Yeah, she’s all for it.” “I was just wondering. The day I met her, she seemed a little difficult about terms and rather domineering, I thought.” “She wasn’t always like that.” “Oh I know, I know. They all start out as Juliets and wind up as Lady Macbeths.”