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Oscars 2012 Update: ASC Awards

The American Society of Cinematographers gave out their awards tonight.

Roger Deakins won for Skyfall.

You’d think this matters, but the man has won this award countless times and still doesn’t have an Oscar.

I still say they’re gonna fuck him over on Oscar night. I can just see Life of Pi winning.

But anyway, he has this. So that’s something.

Oscars 2012 Update: BAFTA Predictions

The BAFTA Awards are starting now over in the UK. Which works out quite nicely, since I needed an article to fill today.

I have to remind myself each year just how much the BAFTAs actually matter in terms of the Oscars. I keep thinking it’s “Not at all,” but I’m never sure enough to just say that. Usually I think the BAFTAs as either going entirely British, like awarding The Queen all the way through or something like that, or they just piggy back on what the Oscar trend is. Like when they jump all over The Artist or something. But, we’ll see. I’ll go over past winners for each category, so we’ll see just how much it actually seems to mean anything. Mostly I just look at the BAFTA section of the branches and how that might affect voting, but typically, I feel like not many of their decisions actually have Oscar consequences. Like, if they suddenly gave Best Film to Life of Pi, I don’t think there will be many articles about, “Oh man, does that have a chance now?” There will be obligatory ones, but I don’t think people will actually take that seriously. If Les Mis wins, people will still not think it has a chance. Usually they only confirm stuff.

But anyway, they are the BAFTAs, and they are a big deal across the pond, and they are an awards show, so here are my predictions for them, the 66th BAFTA awards: (more…)


Pic of the Day: “Sweet Jesus… Jesus sufferin’ Christ… He’s a Brown! He’s a Brown, all right. Christy’s a Brown! Coat.” “Where are you goin’, Paddy?” “Where do you think? This man deserves a jar! … This is Christy Brown. My son. Genius.”