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Oscars 2012 Box Office Numbers & Oscar by Statistics

Two things to look at in terms of the Oscars. One is the obvious — how successful they are financially. And the second is something I came up with last year that I thought was fun. We’ll get into what that is in a bit.

But first, let’s just take a moment to see how the Best Picture nominees did financially this year. Some people like to think that box office factors into a film’s chance at winning Best Picture. I — do not subscribe to such a notion, though I’m sure it does help. Specifically in terms of nominations (cough Blind Side cough). (That cough was totally fake, by the way.)

So we’ll glance, see what it all means. Then get into the weird little statistics that I love to look at that are only legitimate if they work and just stupid if they don’t. (Statistics are awesome.) (more…)


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