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Mike’s Top Ten of 2011 (REMIX)

I’m in the middle of revisiting the last few years of top ten lists.

I won’t do all of them, don’t you worry. I’m just doing the ones that I made since the blog started.

Well — technically I made all of them since the blog started. But I’m talking about the top ten lists I made for specific years and not for decades. The ones where I ranked stuff specifically and did it with less than a few weeks of time to think about it. Which are 2010, 2011 and 2012. Everything else I’ve had lots of time to sit with and decide my opinion on. So those I don’t need to update. These — these will be interesting.

So yesterday I updated my 2012 list, which is just about three months old now. Today I’m doing last year’s list, and tomorrow I’ll do 2010’s list. Each will be interesting for their own reasons. This one because 2011 was a hard year to create a top ten list for (and I still think I’ll need some more time to fully create one), and 2010 because I didn’t really list all the films I list now, so there’s a whole different set of work to do there.

That said, here is my (REMIXED) Top Ten list for 2011: (more…)


Pic of the Day: “I count six shots, nigga.” “I count two guns, nigga.”

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