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2012 Oscars Update: WGA Awards

The WGA Awards were announced tonight.

Argo won for Adapted Screenplay. It pretty much has that in the bag. Especially considering 4/5 of that category is the Oscar category

Zero Dark Thirty won for Original Screenplay. This means a little less, since the presumed frontrunners for the Oscar, Django and Amour weren’t nominated/ineligible. So that was a pretty expected outcome. I still say this is no more than an upset winner at the Oscars.

And Searching for Sugar Man won for Documentary. That pretty much has it in the bag.

That’s it. Quick update. Basically set more things in stone. Looking like Argo has at least three Oscars in the bag at this point.

Oscars 2012 Category Breakdown: Best Original Song & Best Original Score & Best Foreign Language Film

Today we continue my breakdown of all the Oscar categories by going into Best Original Score, Best Original Song, and Best Foreign Language Film.

Foreign Language Film is a category I don’t care about, and I’m glad this is an easy year for that.

Best Original Score is a category I like, even if they don’t always nominate stuff I like or vote for what should actually win. But there’s not much to say there. It’s like Cinematography. It’s usually more interesting than not and usually they vote well in it.

Best Original Song — I’m glad they finally changed that stupid ass voting process. That said, now the problem is that they don’t write good songs for films anymore. But that has nothing to do with the Oscar category. The branch tried to make their stupidity right, and I’ll respect that for the time being. Because that was much easier changed than a lack of great original songs for movies.

But, that’s what we’re doing today. I’ll go over all the past nominees of the categories, list this year’s nominees, then rank what I think each’s chances at winning are.

We start with Best Original Score, then move onto Song, then finish with Foreign Language Film: (more…)


Pic of the Day: “I pray that I may never see the desert again. Hear me, God.”

Lawrence of Arabia - 149