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Oscars 2012 Update: Art Directors Guild Awards & Annie Awards

Two guilds announced their awards last night. I was too drunk busy to write them up.

The first was the Annie Awards, which are pretty meaningless, but whatever. Wreck-It Ralph won five of them, so that’s still your favorite to take Best Animated Feature. Of course nobody is surprised if Brave wins, but I feel like Wreck-It Ralph has a lot of support.

The other was the Art Directors Guild Awards. Those I’ll remind you of, since the Best Production Design Oscar (remember, it’s not Best Art Direction anymore) is still up for grabs.

For starters — the Best Production Design nominees are:

Anna Karenina

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Les Misérables

Life of Pi


And now for the Art Directors Guild nominees: (more…)

The Oscar Quest: The Weakest Best Actor Nominees

Again I’ll stress that I’m talking about all-time.

I’ll also stress that half this list could easily have been swapped out for other nominees that aren’t on here. Mostly I’m just talking about really weak nominees that you just look at now and go, “Really?” Most people haven’t even heard of half of these movies. Or you just look at the films and the performances and go, “Wow, that hasn’t held up at all,” or, “That was really a popularity nomination.” Or some of them — some of them nobody can figure out. There’s one on this list that you look at and go, “Where the fuck did that come from?”

So that’s mostly what this is. People always talk about what the weakest winners were, but no one ever really talks about the weak nominees. Because there’s some weak ass shit populating a lot of these Oscar categories. We tend to forget about them, because in a given Oscar year there are at least 30 (this year there are 34) new nominees in the six major categories, but there’s a lot of shit out there that nobody mentions.

So, today, I’m gonna talk about what I think (some of) the weakest Best Actor nominees are. (more…)


Pic of the Day: “Frank, I like you. There’s no getting around the fact that you’re a real likable guy.” “Yeah? Yeah!” “But…” “But what?” “Well, I also think you’re the most hapless, lazy, disorganized, and in general most lecherous person I’ve ever known in my life.” “I am not!” “You’re not what?” “I am not disorganized!”

Mister Roberts