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95th Academy Awards Recap

Another year in the books.

Not a whole lot to really say about this one. A lot of the obvious stuff won. Which, given what won, a lot of that is very interesting and worth talking about and celebrating. Huge wins for diversity all around, and in the right way. Two Asian actors won Oscars, a woman won Screenplay, two Indian films won awards. And none of it felt forced. It felt like legitimately everyone picked what they liked the best. There’s a lot to love about this year as a whole given the choices they made.

Now, of course, in terms of picking everything (which you know is my main focus in the moment. We can talk about the rest going forward for the rest of time)… it was a pretty boring year. Lotta chalk. Lotta obvious choices. I knew it was a boring one when I only had one 3 come in on my Scorecard and the rest were 1s and 2s. There was literally one surprise winner all night. And even that wasn’t that much of a surprise when you got there. So — big win for diversity, great night for feeling good for people, and another year that thoroughly proves that these awards, when you pay attention to precursors and general history, are pretty easy to figure out most of the time. (more…)

The B+ Oscar Ballot: Guide to the 95th Academy Awards

It’s that time again.

Maybe it’s because I barely paid attention to awards season this year or maybe it’s because the Academy’s composition is changing and the long-held truths about how this body votes no longer hold as firm as they once did, but I’m coming into this having no idea what’s gonna happen. And that’s exciting. It might mean I’m gonna do horribly on the guesses, but I’m so far past the point of giving a shit about all of that. I’m all about the analysis, and I think anyone who’s read this post each year knows that. I’m just trying to get as close as I can to what’s most likely gonna happen and do my best to help you all make the most informed decisions you can when trying to win your office or party pools.

So let’s see how I do. Here’s 2022: (more…)

Oscars 2022: Precursors 33 ⅓ — The Final Insult

Last set of precursors, guys. Oscar night is within a week now, and we’re in the final stretches.

Not gonna waste any time here, let’s just get into what won so we can finish our ballots:

CAS, the Sound Mixers, gave their award to Top Gun: Maverick. Of note here is that All Quiet actually was nominated against it. ACE, the Editors, gave their awards to Everything Everywhere All at Once (Comedy) and Top Gun: Maverick (Drama). No real surprises there. ASC, the Cinematographers, gave their award to Elvis, which is what I suspected, given their category vs. the Oscar category. The WGA Awards went to Everything Everywhere All at Once in Original and Women Talking in Adapted. Both of which are the presumed favorites, so nothing shocking. Women Talking also won the USC Scripter, if anyone puts stock into that (more…)