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Oscars 2020: Annie Awards

The Annie Awards were handed out tonight. Not that they really matter, since we kinda know where the Animated Feature category is headed, but since they legitimately go deep in recognizing animated films, I like talking about them.

Soul won Best Feature, as well as Writing, Music, Editorial, Effects, Character Animation and Storyboarding, while Wolfwalkers won Best Indie Feature as well as for Direction, Production Design, Character Design and Voice Acting. The two films split every single category, with Soul winning 7 awards to Wolfwalkers’ 5. Just in case you weren’t sure that those were the two top Oscar choices.

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2020 Oscar Category Breakdown: Best Animated Feature

And we’re finally on the downhill. It’ll be category breakdowns every single day from here on out and then it’s Oscar weekend, baby.

Since the theme of this year is brevity, I’m not gonna do the whole rigamarole I normally do. We’re gonna focus on this year and this category and only discuss what we need to know to figure it out. It’s just gonna be how we got this category, what general information you need to know and a ranking of how likely each nominee is to win at the present moment.

We begin with Best Animated Feature, because that is one of the most locked categories of the entire night and we really don’t need to stress about it all that much.


Oscars 2020: Annie Award Nominations

The Annie Award nominations were announced this morning. Somehow I knew they’d be out early. Something about a medium whose films are largely designed for children, it just feels like they’d be releasing earlier in the day than most other guilds.

But anyway, this is all kind of meaningless, since I think, list most years, we’re all pretty sure Pixar is just gonna win with Soul and there will be no drama whatsoever in the category (and I know there are gonna be some people who make the ‘I don’t know… Wolfwalkers’ argument. But I’ve been around this category way too many years than to try to delude myself with that. So really all we’re gonna get out of this is help in figuring out what the other four (or, I guess, three) nominees are gonna be outside of the obvious two in Soul and Wolfwalkers. Animated Feature is one of those categories that sets up obviously, but most of the time the branch will throw a curveball or two by going with more ‘artistic’ films over the obvious mainstream studio films. So I’m interested in seeing what the branch has for us this year.

Here are your Annie nominations: (more…)

Oscars 2020: Best Animated Feature Eligibles

Animated Feature time. There are 27 films eligible this year, down from the record 32 last year. I’m honestly surprised we got that close, since little to no American studio animated fare even came out this year. I’d wager that most people would have trouble recognizing more than about ten of these titles, unless they specifically pay attention to animated film.

In the end, though, there likely won’t be very much intrigue, as this category figures to go the way it goes most years. But that doesn’t mean we can’t look over anything and maybe find a couple of cool movies you didn’t know about.

Here’s the list of 27 eligible films for Best Animated Feature: (more…)