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Oscars 2022: The Shortlists

It’s shortlist time, folks.

These shortlists articles have become one of my favorite things to write up during the Oscar season. What’s funny about it is how we used to have almost all of these shortlists (Live Action Short, Animated Short, Documentary Feature, Documentary Short, International Feature, Visual Effects and Makeup & Hairstyling), plus we had the full list of eligible animated features and the full list of eligible scores and songs. All they did was add Score, Song and Sound to the list and drop them all at once and now all of a sudden Shortlist Day feels like a party. And I’m here for that party.

Anyway, what we do here is go through all the shortlists, try to watch everything, become more educated about what’s up for all the categories and do the work to make life easier for when I inevitably try to guess what’s gonna get nominated in all the categories. It’s a good time. Let’s go. (more…)

Oscars 2022: More Precursors

More stuff to catch up with. Mostly due to the Golden Globes being broadcast tonight. On a Tuesday!

I feel like I know why they put it on a Tuesday night instead of a Sunday night, but we don’t need to have that discussion here. I’m knee deep in Oscar season and have barely even rolled up my sleeves. So let’s just get right into it all. (more…)