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How to Read a Hollywood Release (Part 3)

The summer wind, came crashin’ in…

We’re continuing from yesterday. Now for the middle months…


The great thing about May is that it’s the film equivalent of gunning it after a red light. Let’s see how fast you can go 0-60. That’s what it’s like. And given the amount of money that’s spent, it’s also kind of like racing for slips.

Usually what the studios try to do in May more than in any other month is establish franchises. Sure, they do it in June and July, but you’ll notice more stand alone films coming out in those months. Plus, the franchises they start in July are almost guaranteed to work. Transformers? July. Speed Racer? May. May is the month where they really try to lay the franchises on you. Just look at it: Iron Man 1 & 2, Sex and the City, The Hangover I and II (which is more of a May/June franchise, straddling the last/first week of those respective months), Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Trek, Shrek, Prince of Persia, X-Men (which, based on how well these last two did, they bumped First Class into June). May kind of feels like the farm system for franchises. You get the new upstart ones – Speed Racer, Thor – ones they’re not sure will fully click, even though they are designed to — whereas the established ones are in the majors, June and July – we’ll get to those in June and July — and the old timers end up back in May. Looking at you, Indiana Jones. (more…)

Pic of the Day: “Did you hear about the happy Roman? He was ‘glad he ate her’.”