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Update on The Oscar Quest

This felt as good a time as any to update my status. It’s been three months. I figure I’ll keep updating every three months or so.

For those not in the know — I’m on an Oscar Quest. For those too lazy to click and read, basically it boils down to this: when I graduated college last May, I said to myself I was going to watch every movie nominated for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress. The motivations are in the article. So I made a list of everything that was ever nominated — which became, and still is, The Oscar Quest: Where We Are Now article — then crossed off which ones I’d seen. So the list that remains is (with a few exceptions, which is explained in the article) basically a list of all the films I haven’t seen.

Between May and December, I whittled down the list as quickly as possible, never really keeping count past how many pages the Word document of the list was. I went down the list based on number of nominations (because, 7 movies with 7 nominations, that’s a page I just completed). But pretty soon, almost all the films on the list had only 1 or 2 nominations. Obviously I needed something else. As fate would have it, I started this blog not long after that and decided to just go by the number of films I had left to see. I never bothered with it before because films had between 4 and 7 nominations, a film count would have taken forever. After the first count was made in January, I had (the original number is lost) somewhere between 515 and 530 separate films left to see. That was in January.

Right now, I have exactly 360 films left to see in order to finish my Quest (and undoubtedly start a new one). Of course, that number is as of this posting, since I can’t speak for what’ll happen in the next 90 minutes. Still, 360 is pretty fucking good. That means, if I watch one Oscar film per day (which, I’ve watched five already today), I’ll be done within a year. It also means, that since I’ve started keeping count, I’ve averaged between 50 and 55 films a month (let’s not also count all the current films I’ve been seeing, that is, the films of 2011, because if we do that then it really seems like I don’t have much of a life). (more…)

The Oscar Quest: Best Actor – 1993

Ah, 1993. The year that no one can ever refute. Is there anyone that can really speak ill of Schindler’s List? It’s weird to find a film so well made and about such an important subject that the only real grounds you have to speak ill of the film end up saying bad things about you as a person. That’s funny. Even I, who takes such glee in not liking films the rest of the world says are masterpieces, can’t speak ill of that film. The worst thing I can say about it is — it’s long, and it’s heavy, so, it’s not the first thing I’m going to pop on to watch when I’m looking for something. Which, doesn’t really say anything about the film as much as it does about — well, my temperament.

Anyway, this was a year that was pretty much ser in stone from the start. For Schindler’s List to have not won Best Picture would have been a bigger deal than whatever it had beaten. I do, however, have several gripes with their acting choices for this year. Three of the four, anyway. The fourth — whatever.

To keep you informed, Best Director, obviously, went to Spielberg. Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress went to Holly Hunter and Anna Paquin (who was 11 at the time) for The Piano, and Best Supporting Actor went to Tommy Lee Jones for The Fugitive. So, before I start discussing my feelings on those categories, I’m gonna get right into the one I should be talking about.

Though one last bit of trivia before I go, because I find things like this fascinating. This year marked Tom Hanks’s first of two back-to-back Oscars. The only other actor to win back-to-back Best Actor Oscars was Spencer Tracy (1937 & 1938). The great fact about these two is that, at the time they won both of their Oscars, they were both the same age — 37 & 38. That is, they won the first of the two Oscars at age 37, and the following year, both aged 38, won the second. That’s fucking awesome that it happened twice. (more…)

Pic of the Day: “You know, Mr. Bernstein, if I hadn’t been very rich, I might have been a really great man.” “Don’t you think you are?” “I think I did pretty well under the circumstances.” “What would you like to be?” “Everything you hate.”