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The Story of a Screenwriter: Scripts 4 + 5

To keep up with the whole mini-timeline I’ve been establishing —

Macbeth was written first semester of senior year of high school. Twe12ve was spring semester and summer before college. Today was from December-ish of freshman year until — not sure when first draft was done, I think it might have been January, actually. Either way, let’s just call it until May, since, I basically spent the entire semester revising that one. Then, Yesterday was essentially written during sophomore year. I kinda just took a year off there. Which was beneficial because, it’s when I realized, “Hey, these things aren’t very good. Maybe I should write better before I try doing this again.” So I spent the year trying to make the follow-up be good (which is such faulty logic that it makes sense I’d do it), while also stockpiling ideas. That’s the part that really ended up helping me.

So, May of sophomore year comes, and I now have two scripts I find to be “useful.” However, I have an idea for a war film, and an idea for a musical, as well as other various ideas still in various stages of fertilization. I did spend a lot of sophomore year writing out a story for the war picture. By this point I figured out what style of writing works best for me, and was trying as best I could to implement it. I hadn’t reached the point where I let it come naturally. (more…)

Pic of the Day: “Do you see that crate? Sausages! They will eat sausages. Europeans eat sausages wherever they go.”