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The Oscar Quest: Best Actor – 1963

I hate having to talk about 1963. This is a year where there were no good nominees for Best Picture, and one of the worst choices among the bad choices won. So you get a year where an undeserving film won, but, because they didn’t nominate any good films, nothing could be done about it.

Not only that, they also seemed to get every single award wrong. Every one. I’m not making that up, either. In all the categories, there was clearly a better choice to be made. Let’s start with this one, because, historically, it’s the one that does work, but, when you isolate it — it was a bad choice.


And the nominees were…

Albert Finney, Tom Jones

Richard Harris, This Sporting Life

Rex Harrison, Cleopatra

Paul Newman, Hud

Sidney Poitier, Lilies of the Field (more…)

Pic of the Day: “You mean a date? I thought you were a fag.” “No, no, I’m just a transvestite.”

The Box Office Report – March 25-27

Last week, in box office…

Limitless wins the weekend with an overperformance of $18.9 million. It’s fine. The movie wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be (still bad, just, not unforgivable), and made exactly the kind of money it should have made. A film like this should top out under or around $50 at best. Not a major success, a bit less than a break-even. Though, with a budget of $27 million (estimated), plus that ad budget, let’s assume they need to pull $60-70 to break even on this one. Which, they’ll do on home video. That’s where this movie will really make its money. When the idiots rush to rent it and stuff on Netflix (thereby allowing me to get all the shit I want without any worry. Everybody wins).

Finishing second was Rango, at $15.1 million in its third week. Which means…

Battle: Los Angeles fell like a lead fucking brick. An almost 60% drop to finish with $14.5 million and $60.5 million in two weeks. Oh, boy does that tickle. This movie deserves to fail so badly. But first Rango, then I’ll laugh about this.

So, Rango makes $15 million. That gives it $92.3 million in three weeks. That’s awesome. Good for it. Granted, that $135 million budget is hard to recoup, but something tells me this is well on its way to doing so. Because it’s not factoring in overseas business. If there’s any movie that came out this year that deserves to make money (that isn’t The Adjustment Bureau), it’s this. Drive Angry will make its money on DVD. So, good job, Rango. Keep it up. (more…)