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The Story of a Screenwriter – Scripts 7-10

And now, the last bunch.

We start senior year with me at six scripts, three useable. Not bad, considering this is only my third year out of high school and I only really started writing just shy of four years earlier. I consider that a great success.

So, senior year, I have to come up with a thesis. This was my goal going into the film major. Most people want to shoot a 16mm or a digital film, but the department only has so many resources to provide (plus students need to put up their own money for it), so usually the ones with good ideas/ones who put in early/the ones with deep pockets and well-to-do families/the occasional extremely lucky one (some combination of the three) are the ones that do film theses. I never had any illusions. I was a screenwriter, I am a screenwriter, I was going to write a screenplay. It wasn’t going to be a problem, since my first three years, the amount of screenplays that were done totaled about seven. The year before I wrote one, there were two, and the year before that there was only one. I forget what it was my freshman year. So I figured, “I got this shit in the bag.” Plus, I figured, no harm, no foul. I knew I could write one, I just wasn’t sure if it would be good enough to turn in as an actual thesis. Though apparently my standards are higher than most people’s, since really the department really only required that I be resolute in trying to finish it and be willing to put in the work on it. They didn’t so much care if the end result was shit. Which is cool, because it enables people to at least to try to write one. (more…)

Pic of the Day: “This shitty enough for ya?” “Yes, this is perfect.”