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The Story of a Screenwriter: Script 2

I told you as we get on the entries are gonna get shorter and shorter. Mostly because these two I don’t have much to say about because they’re just —

They’re equally important to my development, but they’re not as interesting to discuss. But, we’ll do our best to make them interesting to anyone but me.

Scripts 3 + 4: Today & Yesterday.

The titles were added long after I finished them. Also of note is that Yesterday was the sequel to Today. I thought that was a nice touch. (I like fucking with theoretical time.)

These were the scripts that really honed my dialogue more than anything. At least, more so than anything before it. I always had the capability of dialogue, but, it wasn’t very, structured, I guess is the word. These are scripts that are essentially based around two conversations. Half these scripts are nothing more than two continuous conversations. Which, can be interesting, if your name is Richard Linklater, but not if you’re an 18 year old kid who doesn’t know what he’s doing. (more…)

Pic of the Day: “You’re either for me or against me! You have no other choice.” “If that is the choice, then I am against you.”

The Box Office Report – March 11-13

Last week, in box office…

Rango wins the weekend with $38.1 million. Estimate was around $40 million, this is exactly where it was expected. Studio thought 50, but, come on. I mean, I was hoping 50, but even with my hopeful predictions I only went 42. But still, $38 million is a good number for an original idea like this.

Finishing second — and boy am I happy about this, because this is the best movie that’s come out this year so far (Drive Angry is the most awesome, this is the best) — The Adjustment Bureau made $21.2 million. I was expecting around this number. I said the studio would be ecstatic with anything 20-22. I was hoping for 22-25 and, because I had no faith in the public, said it would probably do 16-18. Thank god it ended up where I wanted it to. These two movies really do deserve to make money. So, good for them.

Beastly was actually kind of beastly in its box office take, making $9.9 million. What the fuck? No one was expecting more than $5 million here. Fucking tweens… (more…)