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How to Read a Hollywood Release (Part 4)

Here we are, the final few months. Let’s get them finished, because I’m amazed my attention span has held out this long (and that this is the third time I’ve done something like this this year! The release calendar, why 2010 sucked so much, and this. God damn, those were painful to get through. But I’m glad I did ’em. Even though I couldn’t say it as well as I wanted to, there is something to say in there somewhere, and hopefully someone will pick it out and understand it).


September is a month in and of itself because, it’s the most genre-heavy month there is. More so than October, because October’s genres tend be more horror oriented (for Columbus Day, naturally). September has a shitload of genre films released in it, as well as your early Oscar films, and some other stuff. Let’s sift through the wreckage and find some trends.

First, you have to get your franchises out of the way. Because it’s not the summer, it’ll be quick. Resident Evil. That franchise owns September. All of them were released in September except the first one, which was released in March, and like I said, March and September are very easily interchangeable. See how it all comes around? Boom – (more…)

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