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The Story of a Screenwriter: Script 6

Perhaps this whole story business is a way to rebel against the “success” this blog has been having lately. I know that in reality, only like six people actually read this thing (if that, but, you know, trunk half empty sort of thing. I learned that from my mob buddy), but, I guess because of — well, I have no idea why — some key words people search for, this blog’s been getting a lot of redirects from spam sites. I know this because the same referrer had like 57 hits one day, and, when I clicked it, it linked me to one site, which then redirected me to some Middle Eastern guy posting his lectures about stuff that — well, let’s not speculate.

I’m ambivalent toward attention. I usually feel like either I want to stay as far away from the spotlight as possible, or else I want the spotlight focused solely on me. It depends which it is from situation to situation. In something like this, where I know I’m just being redirected from the same site that is probably controlled by a spam bot or whatever things they use that sends all those boring “increase your penis size”, “buy cheap prescription drugs” or “make $700 a day advertising from your computer!” emails and ads and shit. I assume since the actual site redirects like ten times it must be trying to keep people from the source, and is probably just sitting there, searching for shit and then scouring the internet like those sentinels in The Matrix. So it’s not like I’m actually getting 99 visitors a day, which I’d been getting for most of the past week (minus like three days where I was back to my usual totals of like 30). It felt cheap. So, in response, I started telling this whole long ass story, which brought my daily views back down to a reasonable 17, 23 — more rational numbers. Something probably more accurate to the truth. George Carlin did a bit where he talked about license plate mottos. How New Hampshire’s is “Live Free or Die” and Idaho’s is “Famous Potatoes.” “I have to imagine,” he said, “Somewhere between “Live Free or Die” and “Famous Potatoes,” the truth lies. Probably it’s a bit closer to “Famous Potatoes.””

This is a lot closer to “Famous Potatoes.”


Pic of the Day: “Hey, try not to suck any dick on the way through the parking lot! … Hey, you, get back here!”