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2015: In Memoriam

As we do here at B+ Movie Blog, we kick off the new year by remembering those we lost in the previous one.

It’s not so much mourning the loss as much as appreciating these people and what they’ve given us. We don’t always appreciate what people have given until they can’t give anymore. The people on this list dedicated their lives to our entertainment. And I want to celebrate them.

I limit my list each year to 50 people, because otherwise it’s too much and I can’t spend time talking about the ones who mean the most to me. So while this is not a list of everyone who died in 2015, these are the people who died in 2015 that mean the most to me. (more…)


Pic of the Day: “When I had my talk with the Bishop, it was our understanding that Father Fitzgibbon was to remain here as pastor and I was to try and straighten out St. Dominic’s without hurting his feelings.” “I see. You’re in charge, but you’re not. I don’t think I’d like an assignment like that.”

Going My Way - 16