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Mike’s Favorite Film Scores of 2015

The reason I do this every year is because it forces me to listen to film scores, which is something I don’t do enough. I appreciate film music, but so rarely do I actually sit down and listen to a film score. Usually what I’m doing is complaining about certain scores not getting nominated and wondering why that is. So I use this space as an opportunity to talk about what I liked, and because of that, I have to listen to enough scores to actually have something to say. It works out very nicely.

I’ll put a disclaimer on this: I know nothing about music nor do I claim to. I’m just picking which scores were most aurally appealing to me. I’m sure people who know about music will think much differently. That’s fair. Oh, and I also am only dealing with scores and not soundtracks.

In terms of how the list goes, there’s definitely always a top ten list of scores. I don’t put a cap on it though. I really only want to talk about the scores from the year that actually made me take note and go, “I really liked that.” Sometimes a score is deceiving because it has a really good main theme, but the rest of it isn’t anything other than standard scoring. So there’s a minimum of ten, and it’ll go as high as there are things to talk about.

Here are my favorite film scores of 2015: (more…)


Pic of the Day: “It’s a lonely old night isn’t it?” “Ain’t they all?”

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