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The Most Underrated Films of 2015

We’re currently going over the year’s most overrated, underrated and underseen films.

The way I define underrated is, you think you know what you’re getting with a movie, but there’s actually more there. That applies to movies you’ve seen or movies you skipped. Sometimes movies get a perception about them and are ignored even though they shouldn’t be. Sometimes you assume a movie is shit or is some generic, forgettable trifle, but it’s actually a gem. Sometimes people think a movie is good, but in reality, it’s actually really good. That’s underrated.

Here are my picks for the underrated movies of 2015: (more…)


Pic of the Day: “I adored you. I still do.” “Of all the lies you’ve told, that is the most terrible.” “I know. That’s why I’ve saved it up until now.”

The Lion in Winter - 20